Open Source

This is a collection of software I decided to give to the community.
You can browse the projects here.

Mouse and Keyboard Monitor
Added 2014-07-01 PbCounter is a small Windows utility that counts how many times each mouse button and each keyboard key is pressed. With these statistics it does three things: Display the counters, obviously :) Create an heat map to put in evidence the mo...

Added October 19, 2012 I present you MeinChat, an irc client written in javascript with a little help from the PHP backend. It's goal is to implement the entire irc rfcs using javascript. The PHP backend is only used to relay data between irc servers and your browser using long polling or websockets.

Alex Album
Added June 25, 2012 A simple album script with no dependencies beside GD. Features: directory browsing, thumbnails overlay,slideshow, breadcrumb navigation, more...check the demo!

RSS Manipulator
Added June 25, 2012 This tool started as a project to enable offline syncing of comics feeds. RSS Manipular edits the rss feed on the fly in order to insert the actual comic images in the feed instead of just a link. It can be used for a lot of other things, you have to play with it to really understand!

Added June 13, 2012 This is a munin node written in PHP. It supports Munin native plugins and it is very easy to set up. It should work on most Unixes and maybe Windows.

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