Munin is a great system monitoring software using the Maser/Node architecture:

  1. Munin. This is were the graphics and html pages are generated. He calls every nodes to collect statistics every couple of minutes. [Master]
  2. Munin-node: This is the node. A node is a machine that is monitored. Unlike Munin, munin-node must be installed on every machine that you wish to monitor. [Node]

Surprisingly munin-node, unlike munin-master, is quite difficult to get working without root access.


Munin-node.PHP is a node server written entirely from scratch in PHP and has no further dependencies. Its goal is to provide a quick way to monitor a machine


How to get started:

Edit the proper section in munin.conf on the master in order to add the node:

    port 4949
    use_node_name yes

Before starting the node, check that plugins are made available. If the plugins/ directory is emply, go to the base directory (where munin-node.php is situated) and add a couple of plugins:

cd plugins
ln -s ../extra/cpu cpu
ln -s ../extra/memory memory
ln -s ../extra/

Then you can launch munin-node.php on the node:

php munin-node.php nofork

nofork option forces the script to stay in forgrounds and display what is going on.


The archive contains a couple of plugins taken from munin to get you started, but there's MANY more available to you from the munin community or munin default installation!


The node itself is provided under the ISC license. The plugins are provided under the GPL by munin.

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