Posted by alex on Jul 1st, 2014

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PbCounter is a small Windows utility that counts how many times each mouse button and each keyboard key is pressed. With these statistics it does three things:

  • Display the counters, obviously :)
  • Create an heat map to put in evidence the most used keys on your keyboard
  • Upload the statistics at regular interval to a web page of your choice (an example PHP script here)

It is purposely compatible with scripts made for Mousotron. It takes less than 3MB of ram and uses very little CPU. Configuration can be done by editing the INI file, more information included in the help file. Important: While it tracks how many times each key is pressed, it doesn't record what you type (it is not a keylogger).

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The program is free to use and modify under the MIT license. If you want to compile it you will need PureBasic 5+ (The demo won't work as PbCounter uses the win32 API).


Tags: Click counter, Mouse Spy, Keyboard activity, Statistics

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